I was at the circus with my family and spotted my mum’s doctor. Do you think he remembers her?
Has he forgotten what he did to her?
There he was so oblivious to the havoc he has caused to my life.
Does he mask his guilt or does he have no heart.



There is an old Arab story about how many thousands of years ago,The Angel of death could be seen before he takes your soul.
A trader saw the Angel of Death at a market and was terribly shaken. And he also noticed the startled look on the Angel’s face. That evening he quickly packed a bag and departed to a nearby village. The next morning as he sat about his day he again encountered The Angel of Death.
And he said “I am here for your Soul”
The man trembled as his soul left his body,hearing the Angel say how startled he was to see him in another village the day before.
One cannot escape the inevitable.


I believe in destiny. That all happens for a reason…Islamically it is called taqdeer. We will plan but God is the best of planners. Now I am by no means a very religious person but I believe.
Sometimes I find myself at a crossroad..and many a time I make the more controversial choice but that does not make me a bad person.

I believe that Allah/God is out there. I believe that he is omnipresent.I believe with absolute conviction in all that is in the Quraan. But I also know that He is All Merciful. He is All Forgiving.
He is All Knowing.
What I do have a problem with is man making my religion about fear….that is what I was taught in maderessa.
Do this, do that,you will not live.
Just stop it….stop twisting and making it what it is not.
I believe in the five pillars of Islam.
I believe that you should be a good person.
I believe that you should love your Neighbour,no matter what color or religion he is.
I believe that we should lead by example.

This is what it’s supposed to be about….but what happened.
Taqdeer… there a bigger picture?
Who knows.
But I hate it….I hate the killing. The killing in the name of Islam…..

But I cannot end without saying….Free Palestine.
Free her…and free her people and maybe this blood shed can end.

Growing kids

My 13 year old son is on a school camp,and husband and I are on holiday with the girls.
Now this was all fine whilst I was planning our trip.But here I sit watching the beautiful sunset and I just can’t stop thinking about what my boy is doing.
Is he eating properly? Is he warm enough?
He’s 13 and it is his first camp away for a whole week!
Wow… this how it’s going to be. As he flutters his wings,poising to take flight.
He’s not a child and not grown up as yet. It’s that in between,uncomfortable age. I don’t want to stifle him,yet I’m not ready for what’s to come.
There’ll be moods and rebellious stages…girls and who knows what else.
I want to be the understanding,grounding mother. The one who always stays calm…but who am I kidding!
There’s talk of going of to university in faraway places. Oh what wonderful opportunities lie ahead. But my boy….will always be my boy,no matter how old.

And yes there will be many holidays without him,and I will get use to him growing least I have a few years before that.

Sun City

I’ve been on a family holiday these last few days. It is a holiday we’ve been taking as a family for the past few years.
Sun City is a holiday resort that caters especially to families. We spend days by the pool,kids on the many pool slides. Taking refreshing naps in the afternoon and braaing in the evening.
It’s a safe resort…the kids ride their bikes at leisure. Pure relaxation.

This year is different. It is the first year in many years that my mum has not been with us. We actually only started coming after my dad died. It was good for her. She’d spend the days watching the kids,having too many delicious ice creams,and listening about their adventures playing mini golf and exploring.
Looking back I now remember how difficult her last holiday was. It was such a task to walk just a few meters. Yet she walked to the pools with us huffing and puffing. She didn’t really want to do anything else….she stayed in the rooms most of he time.
Yet it was so special to have her around.We made such wonderful memories.
This year it’s just us. No mum. No extended family. It’s kinda lonely.
Never mind….we will make new memories. But our loved ones are close in thought and mind.



What do we all want from life?
Happiness,wealth and health? All of them at the same time would be good.
Happiness or what I like to view as contentment is an important part of what I want for myself.
I’ve come to realize that it is easier to be happy with a bit of wealth,being financially comfortable,
and health.

To be truly content and happy…I need to be happy with myself. To be comfortable in my own skin.
I’ve come to realize that I cannot expect other people to make me happy. I am responsible for my own outlook in life. And when I have a positive one,I will find more joy and happiness in all those around me.
Simple but real….