I love talking to my kids about my childhood. And all the fun we had as kids with family,especially on all our crazy holidays.
They can’t believe I have so many first cousins…46 the last time we counted. It was amazing growing up with such a large extended family.No holiday was ever boring!
My father loved visiting new places, and since there was always a budget constraint we visited many little places all over South Africa.
These were all wonderful memories,that I will hold dear always. I remember all the laughs,giggles and tears sometimes. Aunts,uncles and cousins that made those days so very special. And even though I don’t see many of them often, they remain a part of me.

Even though my kids don’t have the wonders of such large extended families around,we are making memories for them. I hope they remember their childhoods with the same nostalgia and joy as I do.


Family politics

There is no family without its fair share of family politics.
Yet through it all its blood that binds us.
Yes there are family members that would be total strangers had we not been related. And friends that are closer to us than life itself.
But that familial bond between relatives is ever binding. No matter where in the world you are.
You are tied by simple DNA.

My mother’s younger brother did not speak to her for four years prior to her death.
She pined for him,missed him and longed to mend the bond.
It never happened…..
Does he regret his loss…..does he regret not making up?

I cannot in a thousand years ever believe such bitterness
could ever come between my brother and I.
I am blessed.

Amazing family

I had a small procedure done in theatre yesterday. Nothing serious.
I just realized again that I have an amazing family.
My husband was awesome, he stayed by my side all the time whilst we waited.
I would have left thru sheer boredom!
And everyone else sorted kids,lunches and supper.
I am truly blessed.

PS…did miss mum though.

Rather disturbing news.

I received a rather disturbing text the other day. One of my patients needed to cancel her 4 D scan as she had miscarried over the weekend.
I only see patients between 27-32 weeks. So this was a late term loss. I really felt bad for her. As I had scanned her at 16 wks,and we saw a beautiful little girl.
I later learnt that she had suffered a uteral abruption, she went to a trauma department at a private clinic when she started feeling pain but was treated for gastro. The staff apparently struggled to find a heart beat but at no time was a sonar requested.
She transferred to another private clinic the next morning where her own Gynea discovered the rupture. The baby had died and the patient had suffered major blood loss.
She could have died.
Now I ask how can this happen in a private clinic with state of the art equipment? With apparently world class doctors. This is NOT at a government hospital.
What is happening to the quality of health care in South Africa.
A travesty.
Those doctors will never be held responsible for their incompetence,and will probably do worse on another night.
And this poor woman will live with her loss forever.

Lost birthdays.

This October will be a year since mum has passed.
I had planned a third birthday party for Nooreen last year. She turned 3 in October.
But mum passed away 3 days earlier.
I had a ominous feeling that last week,so I had postponed my arrangements just the day before she died.
The party planner,jumping castles and all else.
Everything was put on hold,until things settled and I felt better. But that right time never really came.
I didn’t feel like a party.
I did regret it after….as my now 3 year old has been waiting a year for a party. She chose her cake a year ago.I am planning to make it up to her. She will have that party this year.
It will be perfect.
We will all remember granny.
Her special Nooreen is growing up.