Lost family

My mum’s sister passed away on Tuesday. She would’ve turned 65 next week. I cannot begin to describe my relationship with her. She was so unlike my mum, yet I saw so much of myself in her.

The strongest woman I have ever known.
She was a constant in my life as I grew up. So many memories.
Some have faded, some sharp…..

She is finally at peace.
I will miss you.


It’s been a year….

It’s been a year since I saw you mum. A year. 365 days.
So much has changed in this year.I am coping really well. I have my off days, but mostly there are days that I think of you fondly and I don’t tear up.
I miss our chats,but I do not miss watching your suffering. I’m sure that you are at peace.

It will be 2 years then 3. But I will always remember….





I’m not sure if there was another post about my anger. I’m pretty sure there was.
If I previously said that I have found endless peace,then I seem to have lost it again.

For I feel no peace…. just sadness and anger.

I miss you dad.

My Marriage Certificate

Above is a copy of my marriage certificate.My father’s distinctly precise handwriting ,all our names carefully written out.
I teased him endlessly for writing my name as Fatima Mohamed Ameen Dinat. He was so proud and happy on that day.
Of all the people that are named on that piece of paper that day,only my husband and I are alive today.
The Moulana that conducted our nikaah,my father and the three witnesses that gave my consent have passed.
Mohammed Essop Nanabhay,my grandfather born in Kholvad India.
Ebrahim Mohammed Jinnah,an uncle that was like a father to me.
Abubaker Ahmed Dinat, one of my favorite uncles.
And last but not least dad…Mohamed Ameen Dinat.
I miss them all terribly. Each in their own way left an indelible mark on my life.

Today I am glad that they were there to share that auspicious day with my husband and I.
I also dread the day when there will be no elder family members left to share all that is to come in our lives.