Life goes on…

I cannot begin to explain the loss I feel sometimes. Those fleeting moments I realize that my parents are gone forever. It takes my breath away.
There are people in all walks of life that probably have those moments too. I really don’t think it matters how close you were to your parents or how often you saw them.
Their loss, I’m sure makes a gigantic impact on everyone’s life.
I have a wonderful family, a husband who is my anchor and beautiful kids. With them around my grief is easier.
I find so much joy in them.
But I mourn and tear knowing that my parents won’t see them finish high school. Get married.
They won’t see me as a parent to grown kids.
I know how much I’ve lost….how much I miss them.



Health is something most of us take for granted.
I have been feeling really crap these last few days.I finally took myself to the doctor,
Upper respiratory infection and a bilateral kidney infection.
Now this is not the first time I’ve had a kidney infection,it is very uncomfortable and painful.
It scares me…..these infections are recurring more often. I’ve had maybe 4 in the past year or so.
It rarely occurs with a bladder infection.
I live a healthy life…..I exercise..I eat well….
I drink water often, no drugs or alcohol.
Kidney disease frightens me…..