Mohabet….it’s selective

I am selective, I guess we all are selective in sharing our time and energy with family and friends.
Cos lets just face it some people just grate us the wrong way.
Some family we know just because we share blood.
And that is ok too…personalities clash.
Ideals and values are different.
We are just human after all.



I do not think there is any direct translation for this word in English. Yet ask any Indian and they would know what it is.
An idea of keeping family and friends close by giving of yourself to them.
Embedding yourself into their lives, so that you they care as much for you as you do for them.
Helping in time of need and rejoicing together in happy times.
I personally think it comes down to doing things for others without expecting anything in return. Overlooking the little quirks to maintain healthy relations.
How alien is this concept in today’s times?
And how sad is that?
Maybe my concept of Mohabet is skewed….
No matter,I think it’s important!