To all the haters out there.

We’ve all been there.
Maybe we’ve been the hater.
You know the feeling, you meet someone after a while…
Bumping into them in the mall.
On that one lucky day,your hair looks good.
The dress fits just so,and for once you have the right shoes on.

U catch them looking at you just a bit weird.
Checking you out on the sly.
The compliments so forthcoming…..but you feel the falseness.
Do women realize that life is not a competition…..
I’m happy that you are looking good.
Today I’m in a good place but tomorrow is another day.
Stop comparing…


Unsettling dreams.

The room was cold and eerie…faceless people milled around the frail old man on a hospital gurney.
Someone whispered in my ear ‘ He has been unresponsive, his time is near’
As I drew closer my heart raced. There was so much blood oozing from his back.
I recognized him instantly.
His eyes opened wide, he lurched from the bed grabbing me.
‘Fatima you are here. Fatima you came’
My body shaking in fear….
My eyes opened…..


How incredible is it that those pet peeves we had about family traditions become so important to us as we grow older. Especially when we have kids.
I find myself doing things just because that’s the way it was done whilst I was growing up.
With technology it’s difficult to get our kids and myself away from the smartphones and tablets. But there are a few things I won’t ever compromise on.
Family meals are one of those times….the kids set the the table, and I expect all to sit and eat together. No TV!! And no technology most of the time.
How did we ever survive without those damn things….life was simpler and I think we were more present in the moments of our lives.

The other task keeping me busy is preparing for Ramadhan. Savouries coming out my ears!!
I always said I’d never succumb to the absolute madness of preparing all this food for the fasting. What is the point when the entire premise of the fast is not to feast.
Even though I do just enough to satisfy my family during this time, I would never dream of not having any savouries.
It’s just how we broke the fast….table laden with mouth watering goodies.
Something’s are meant to stay the same…..