Comparing Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama

There has been a lot of hype regarding Mr Obama’s visit to SA these last few days. Especially since Mandela has been so ill.
There has been talk about the similarity between them. Being the first black presidents of their countries.Even though I think Obama had so much hope during the start of his term in office,reality may have been different.
I do not for one moment think that Mr Mandela would have condoned Guantanamo Bay or kept it open until now.
Do you really believe that Mandela would allow innocent people to be killed thousands of kilometers away by drones calling it collateral damage.
Do not paint them by the same brush….the task they each faced as they began their presidencies was not easy. Yet they did not face their challenges with the same moral compass.
Mr Mandela did not kill his enemies children hoping to change the tide of hatred against his people.
I do not have any animosity against America or her people.
And I do hope peace will be found.