My Baby

It feels like yesterday when I held you first in my arms…

So tiny,so fragile…
So quickly you grew up…
You watched me grow too, you watched my sorrows.
You felt my fears…
You saw my anger…

So confident and feisty…
So bright and lovable…

Like a butterfly spreading your wings…
Off to school you go…

How I wish they were here too see you❤️


Being a grown up.

Do you remember being a kid?
Turning thirteen was the start,it was all fun times ahead. High school was a blast. We were going to rule the world at eighteen. Invincible at twenty one.
When did you feel like a grown up! When you graduated high school or was it after uni?
It all seems to change at the next step.Life got harder…university was not the breeze we expected.

Work was fun,but the responsibilities made it challenging. Not long after relationships got more complicated. Marriage and kids followed.
And nothing makes you wake up and smell the roses quite like having kids. We have come so far…we’ve accomplished so much,conquered our fears.
But have we grown up?
Have I grown up?
Yes I have,because in all my journeys to date my parents stood beside me.
Today even though I am not alone. I do not have them before me.
Today I stand strong and wiser than yesterday.

Being an adult

Do you look back at your life,analyzing all the nooks and crannies of your past?
Realizing now what big consequences those small choices had.
I am not the person I was 20 yrs ago…I know better. I’m not as impulsive and trusting.
Slightly cynical and definitely more wise. But I surely have a lot more learning to do as my kids are still young. And I expect our relationship to weather some storms but hopefully we will come out stronger.

I’ve made many friends along the road,some have stuck around and others have faded. I’m left with good,bad,funny and sometimes scary memories. But this is all what make my life what it is….
It’s a journey. And I really don’t ever feel grown up enough.