Dying with dignity.

I was watching an episode of Greys Anatomy last night. It was extremely emotional and sad. Maggie lost her mom to breast cancer. The episode focused on how Maggie as a surgeon was trying to do everything in her power to save her mum. She didn’t want her to give up.
She wanted her to fight.
She wanted her to live.
Maggie was not ready to let go….

And here lies the most important decision any person would need to make in that situation. Fight for your life,do everything possible to overcome illness.
But a time will come when there is nothing left to fight for. When all that lies ahead is pain and suffering.
It is up to those watching to allow the sick to let go…
Don’t make your fear their issue.
Let them live with dignity,die with dignity.

I know I would always choose quality over quantity.



Health is something most of us take for granted.
I have been feeling really crap these last few days.I finally took myself to the doctor,
Upper respiratory infection and a bilateral kidney infection.
Now this is not the first time I’ve had a kidney infection,it is very uncomfortable and painful.
It scares me…..these infections are recurring more often. I’ve had maybe 4 in the past year or so.
It rarely occurs with a bladder infection.
I live a healthy life…..I exercise..I eat well….
I drink water often, no drugs or alcohol.
Kidney disease frightens me…..

I may be a border line hypochondriac

I turn forty this year,and even though I consider myself relatively healthy I went to a physician for a full medical.
With an alarming family history of diabetes,high blood pressure,cholesterol,hypothyroidism and cancer I wanted to know where I stood. And more so how I’m going to survive the battle ahead. My mum’s health issues started early in her life. I do exercise regularly.
Yet I suffered with an under active thyroid and high glucose levels in my early thirties.

The doctor was very thorough..and I was sent off for a long list of blood tests. I was called in for a follow up appointment a few weeks later and was in shock!
There is nothing wrong with me. All my blood works are clear. No diabetes,no high blood…Nothing.
I sat there in shock…”But doctor I get tired so early in the day,I can’t shift those last few kilos and my hair and skin look awful”
His answer…”my dear you’re a very healthy almost forty year old….I think u may think you’re twenty”
OMG….am I a hypochondriac…..or am I middle aged?